Chef Steve Ingersoll

Steven Ingersoll is assistant Senior Chef Instructor and Assistant Professor of Culinary Arts in the School of Business and Public affairs, at College of Coastal Georgia. He received his AOS in Culinary Arts from the New England Culinary Institute, and is also a member of the American Culinary Federation and serves as the vice president of the local chapter.

He has been with the college since 2004, having previously been a chef- instructor at the New England Culinary institute as well as executive chef at a number of fine establishments in Illinois and Vermont. While teaching at NECI he was a core faculty member from 1995 – 2004. Chef Ingersoll, top in his class at NECI, was recruited by NECI to create a specialized certificate program designed to condense the first year culinary experience into a 15-week program. After the success of the program Chef became a tournant instructor as well as baking and dinner instructor.

Chef Ingersoll found his passion in culinary arts as a career changer; having originally pursued a career in pharmacology his path changed and went back to hospitality. Having vast experience in front-of-the-house operations from a resort hotel, Chef Ingersoll found himself back what he loved most - fine service and amazing food. When asked what is his specialty, his usual reply is ‘my mood’. This defines his philosophy of cooking - understand and master the basic rudiments of cooking and then you are liberated to prepare any cuisine that you want. This is what he brings to the class room, mastering the basics sets you on the path to be a great chef.

Steve Ingersoll believes that being a chef defines who you are as a person and defines your lifestyle. He brought that belief home, being the father of six children, Chef was dedicated to his career and family. Raising his family on small farm in Vermont, growing vegetables in his organic garden, making goat cheese from his herd of dairy goats, gathering fresh eggs and supporting the burgeoning farm to table movement which had early beginning in Vermont. Chef Ingersoll believes that chefs need to be directly connected to the source of our products, both at home and in the restaurant.

Chef Ingersoll teaches many of the high demand culinary courses in the ACF accredited Associates of applied Science in Hospitality Management with specialization in Culinary Arts Program, where he brings these passions to the students. He teaches Catering, Garde Manger, Basic Food Preparation, Basic and Advanced Baking, Basic and Advanced Cooking, Dining Room Management and others. Chef Ingersoll works out of the Camden Center campus location. It has a full-service teaching kitchen which he manages as well as a demonstration dining room.

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