Strategic Planning

The College of Coastal Georgia engages in a five-year implementation and planning cycle to demonstrate that the institution is committed to integrated strategic planning. Through this process, the College prepares a set of strategic goals, including measurable outcomes, which provide an opportunity for continued improvement and success.

Coastal Georgia’s current strategic plan, Coastal Vision 2021, outlines seven broad institutional goals, related objectives, and key measures.

  • Enhance opportunities for student engagement by providing an educational, inclusive, and socially responsible learning community within the College and beyond
  • Enhance and promote excellence in scholarship, creativity, and teaching
  • Develop a culture of evidence, accountability, and continuous improvement
  • Extend high-impact learning practices and support current and new educational program offerings
  • Achieve regional, state, national, and international recognition for institutional distinction and educational excellence
  • Raise the institutional position and profile of the College within the community to help shape regional growth
  • Develop and sustain an organizational, fiscal, and physical infrastructure that supports and enhances the college community

The institutional strategic plan is the College’s implementation roadmap for addressing the longer-term goals and priorities in the master plan, while unit-level operational plans articulate unit-specific goals and strategies related to these goals and priorities. As the life cycle of the current plans near their respective end, Coastal Georgia will initiate the process to develop new master and strategic plans.

Coastal Vision 2021

Strategic Plan (online version)

Coastal Vision 2021

Annual Reports

Midpoint Progress Report

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