Staff Assembly

The purpose of Staff Assembly is to encourage and promote professional development, provide guidance to non-faculty employees of College of Coastal Georgia, and serve as a forum of communication to and from the administration of the College. Staff Assembly serves as a representative body for all staff employees of the College. The organization is to help identify and explore concerns brought up by staff members as well as to foster amicable and fair working conditions for all staff employees.

Staff Assembly is an official College of Coastal Georgia organization composed of elected representatives from the College staff. The staff-elected body of representatives is dedicated to promoting the interest and welfare of College of Coastal Georgia staff members. Meetings are open to all full-time and part-time staff members of the College.

Mission Statement

The staff assembly of the College of Coastal Georgia recognizes its shared responsibility for the performance of the college in carrying out its mission. We understand and support the need for commitment to the decision processes by which the college conducts its work and maintains its standards. To that end, the mission of the staff assembly is to improve communication among our own constituency and among the college community, to actively participate in governance on the campus, to provide a system that enables staff to realize their full potential and to provide a forum for understanding the issues of concern, thereby strengthening the college and assisting in carrying out its commitment to quality education and innovative service learning.

The Mission of Staff Assembly is to:

  • Inform colleagues about campus matters vital to their interest
  • Foster an effective communication link between staff employees and the administration
  • Encourage personal and professional development of the staff
  • Foster professional contacts and friendship among staff employees
  • Encourage participation of all staff in Staff Assembly and in campus life in general
  • Recognize and promote the contribution of staff to the college
  • Foster amicable, safe, and fair working conditions for all staff employees

2018-2019 Academic Year

Executive board

Chair: Matt Hanak

Vice Chair: Lacey Kondracki

Secretary: Sara Hunsinger

Unit Members

Advancement/President's Office –Kendra Lloyd

Academic Affairs –Niki Schmauch

Business Affairs – Kimberly Francis

Camden Center -Jimia Nightingale

Student Affairs –Brittany Garcia

Technology Services - Kalene Chasteen

Contact Us

Staff Assembly Meeting Dates

September 12, 2019; 3:00 pm

*All dates and times are tentative and will be confirmed closer to meeting date.

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