Institutional Data

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) provides local sources for reporting and analysis. Enrollments of students by type, counts of faculty by position, summaries of faculty by classification are typical statistics compiled. The College of Coastal Georgia subscribes to the Association for Institutional Research's Statement of Ethical Principles. It lays the groundwork for a new model in the field that focuses on how institutional-research offices can support student success by providing data to all the parties invested in the core mission of the college. In planning, coordinating, collecting, organizing, compiling, and sharing institutional data, OIE subscribes to these ethical principles:

  • Maintain strict confidence and security in the acquisition, handling, use, and storage of confidential data
  • Treat all participants with dignity and respect in accordance with accepted ethical standards
  • Conduct research utilizing the highest standards by providing accurate and meaningful information and analysis to decision-makers, community members and external stakeholders

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