Teams FAQ

For further reading please visit Microsoft's Teams page.

How do I schedule a live event?

When scheduling a meeting under the Teams calendar, you may choose Live event:

Please note, if you are scheduling a Live Event there are additional permissions that must be set for presenters and viewers. Please reference Microsoft's support page here for more details.

How do I leave a meeting?

With your meeting highlighted, click the " . . . " to the right and you will be given the option to "Leave". This will remove you from the meeting and it's chat notifications. You must re-join or be re-invited to participate in the meeting again.

How do I silence notifications?

If you wish to suppress notifications from an individual, group, or meeting chat, select the chat and click the " . . . " to the right. Select mute. After muting a meeting, you will be given the option to adjust the mute settings:

From here you can change the type of mute:

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