We are excited to welcome you back to campus this fall. To help you prepare for the fall semester, this page will provide you will all of the lates news and information. Please visit frequently for the most up-to-date info!

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As is the case at all University System of Georgia institutions, the College will require faculty, staff, students, and visitors to wear an appropriate face covering while inside campus facilities/buildings where six feet social distancing may not always be possible. Face covering use will be in addition to and is not a substitute for social distancing. Face coverings are not required when in your own residence hall room or suite, alone in an enclosed office or study room, or in outdoor settings on campus where social distancing requirements are met. We will provide at least one cloth face covering to every student, and you will have access to purchase more on campus, if needed. Thank you for supporting this important measure to keep our Mariner family safe and healthy.

Academic Calendar

  • Start of Classes: August 17
  • Last Day of Face-to-Face Classes: Tuesday, November 24
  • Online-Only Classes: Week of November 30
  • Final Exams (online): December 7 - 11
  • End of Fall Semester: December 11

The College will continue providing regular campus operations and student life services—such as housing, dining, library and ATTIC—until the end of the Fall semester.

Residence Hall Move-In Schedule


This summer, we welcomed Barnes & Noble as our new campus bookstore vendor. The campus bookstore is undergoing a transformation and new Coastal merchandise is arriving daily. We think you will be pleased with your new shopping experience!

Residence Halls are getting upgrades! Cleaning, updating kitchens, a second laundry room in Lakeside Village – a ton of work is happening in the residence halls this summer to get them fully prepared for your return.

Paving, painting, and polishing – You will experience a newly-paved Mariner Way (including new speed bumps), new paint in the SAC, new equipment in the Fitness Center, and cleaning/polishing campus-wide.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will we be required to wear masks? The short answer is yes…or face coverings of some kind. In the email President Johnston sent earlier this month, she told you all about our new “Mask on, Mariners!” policy where we, along with the other 25 public institutions in the University System of Georgia, are requiring all faculty, staff, students, and visitors to wear an appropriate face covering while inside campus buildings where six feet social distancing may not always be possible. Don’t worry…if you have a medical condition that prohibits you from wearing a mask, we have a review process for you to provide medical documentation to receive a waiver. Be on the lookout for more information about that process.

SWAG Alert: You get a mask…and you get a mask…and you get a mask! Everyone will receive a Coastal Georgia mask when you arrive on campus so you will be able to show your Mariner spirit. Others will be for sale in the Bookstore and you might catch the occasional swag freebie every now and then, but for the most part, be sure you have your own at all times.

  • If we wear masks, will we still have to social distance? Again, the short answer is, yes. According to the Centers for Disease Control, masks PLUS maintaining a safe distance of 6ft away from others is the best practice to minimize exposure to the Coronavirus. That means that even with your face covering on, it is safest if you are social distancing as well.
  • Wait, so we are going to have to wear face coverings and social distance in class? How is that going to work? Good question! The expectation is yes, you will be expected to properly wear your face covering at all times when you are in class. We are in the process of reconfiguring the classrooms and lab spaces so the desks / tables are spaced appropriately. That means there will be fewer people in larger classrooms across the campus. Don’t be surprised if you have classes this semester in weird places like the Stembler Theatre or the Conference Center. We are utilizing every space we can to make sure we are seating folks in class appropriately.
  • What about if I’m hanging out in my dorm room? Or in the Campus Center? Or VALOR Lounge? Or the REC? Face coverings there too? Not in your residence hall room; that’s your private space. Pretty much the rest of the campus, if others are around, the answer is yes…and social distance as well.
  • So, can I still go to the Library? Or get help in the ATTIC? Have a study session with my SI? Yes, campus will be open for business! You will have the same services you are used to, they may just look a little different for now (face coverings, distance, plexiglass dividers, etc.). Additionally, many of these services will continue their “beefed up” virtual presence as well, so you will kind of have the best of both worlds.
  • How will the dining hall work? What about Dockside Deli? Is that changing too? Well, yes…but not in a bad way. In the dining hall, you will be able to go through the line like normal. The difference will be you no longer will be able to serve yourself at certain stations (salad bar, pizza bar, desert bar, etc.). Dining will either have a staffer there to serve you (like they do at the other stations), or they will have packaged the items for grab-and-go options. Silverware will be pre-rolled, and be on the lookout for “Dining Dots” on the floor to remind you to distance while in the lines. The dining room will be open with limited capacity, but the reusable clamshell option will always let you take your meal to go. Late lunch will still happen, but will have a to go option only. Oh…and don’t worry…we aren’t changing Dockside (what, do you think we want a revolt on our hands?!?). They are shifting how people order, capping the number of people in the space at one time, and how they will get you your food once it is done, but they will still be doing their thing like always.
  • Hold up! I just noticed my schedule has changed?!? Why are some of my classes being moved on-line or to hybrid when I signed up for face-to-face? Well, to be honest…because things changed. Just like everyone else on the planet right now, we are having to make changes and adjustments based on some things that are simply out of our control: instructor availability, class size, space availability, the new moon lunar cycle, the release date of the next Marvel movie, etc. Ok, so maybe not those last two, but you get the point. Be on the lookout for an email that explains all the changes in the coming days. I know it might not be what you expected, but thank you for being cool about it. If it is really messing things up for you, feel free to reach out to your advisor or contact the Advising Center (www.ccga.edu/advising) to see if they can move some things around.
  • What if I don’t feel comfortable coming back to campus in person? What are my options? I’m glad you asked! We will try our very best to work something out, so give your advisor a call or email as soon as you can!! You can always contact the Advising Center (www.ccga.edu/advising).
  • Is the bookstore going to be open? Yup! They will be open for you to shop in person, but you can always visit them at www.ccga.edu/bookstore to order your books online ahead of time. Avoid having to wait in the lines and have them shipped to you or pick them up in the store. Shipping’s free. Camden students, you will need to pre-order your books and have them shipped directly to you. Shipping, by the way, is FREE!
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