New Student Convocation

President Michelle Johnston, Dr. Jason Umfress, and SGA President Kelsey Rios welcome you to the College of Coastal Georgia as part of the New Student Convocation.

After you complete the video and scan the QR Code/visit the website to get credit for attending, we invite you to sign the Student Pledge.

The Coastal Georgia Student Pledge

As members of the College of Coastal Georgia community, it is important to understand that the actions of one impacts the community for all.

In an effort to align academic and community standards with the College’s expectations, the College of Coastal Georgia began a new tradition in the fall of 2013, asking members of the first-year class to agree to a set of community standards and expectations.

Inspired by the three sails in the College logo, the pledge asks students to do three things: commit themselves to academic excellence, conduct themselves with integrity, and contribute to the campus community. Today, you, too, will join the Mariner family as we present to you the Coastal Georgia Student pledge.

The Pledge:

As a member of a community of scholars, I pledge to uphold the ideals that define the College of Coastal Georgia. I will:

  • Commit myself to the discipline of learning and take responsibility for my academic success
  • Conduct myself with honor and integrity both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Contribute to the growth of my campus and community though the investment of my time, talent, and resources.

By signing this my name below, I pledge myself to the principles that define the College of Coastal Georgia.

Click HERE to sign the student pledge.

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