Frequently Asked Questions About Financial Aid

  1. How can I determine if I am eligible for the Pell Grant?
    Answer: You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine if you are eligible for the Pell Grant.
  2. Can I receive the Pell Grant in the summer?
    Answer: You may be able to receive the Pell Grant in the summer if you did not attend school full-time for the fall and spring.
  3. What is Verification?
    Answer: Verification is a process by which your school requests certain documents to compare the information from your FAFSA application with the information provided on the documents.
  4. Who determines students that are selected for verification?
    Answer: The Department of Education or your school may select you for verification.
  5. Do I have to be full-time to receive the Pell Grant?
    Answer: Although you don’t have to be full-time to receive the Pell Grant, you will be awarded based on the number of hours that you enroll.
  6. Am I required to complete the FAFSA in order to apply for a loan?
    Answer: Yes, you must first complete the FAFSA before you can apply for a student loan.
  7. Do I need to be admitted before I can apply for financial aid?
    Answer: No, you don’t have to be admitted before you apply for financial aid. It is recommended that you apply for financial aid as soon as possible.
  8. Do I have to reapply for financial aid every year?
    Answer: Yes, you need to apply for financial aid every academic school year.
  9. I sent in my FAFSA over four weeks ago but haven't heard anything. What should I do?
    Answer: Contact Federal Student Aid Programs at 1-800-433-3243 or you can check your status on the Internet at (PIN number required). Click on “check status of a submitted FAFSA”
  10. Why do I need a PIN number?
    Answer: A PIN number is needed to access your federal financial aid information on the Internet. You can use your PIN (and your parent's PIN, if applicable) to electronically sign your FAFSA, make corrections to your FAFSA, view your student aid report (SAR), request a duplicate SAR, and check your current loan balance. Students and parents can apply online at
  11. When is the deadline to apply for Federal financial aid?
    Answer: Your application must be submitted in time for it to be processed before your fees are due.
  12. How do I apply for scholarships?
    Answer: Complete the College of Coastal Georgia Foundation Scholarship Application. Applications can be found online at
  13. Do I have to reapply for scholarships every year?
    Answer: Yes, you need to apply for scholarships every academic school year.
  14. If I don’t live with my parents, can I “file” my FAFSA as an “independent" student?
    Answer: Your dependency status with respect to financial aid is determined by the following questions:
    • Are you at least 24 years old?
    • During the school year, will you be working on a master’s or doctorate program?
    • As of today, are you married?
    • Do you have children who receive more than half of their support from you?
    • Do you have dependents (other than your children or spouse) who live with you and who receive more than half of their support from you during the current school year?
    • Are you an orphan, or are you or were you (until age 18) a ward/dependent of the court?
    • Are you a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces?
    • If you Answer “NO” to all of the above questions, you are a Dependent student.
    • If you Answer “YES” to any of the above questions, you are an Independent student.
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