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The Office of Counseling Services at College of Coastal Georgia strives to cultivate a campus community where students can achieve success and become responsible citizens. Our purpose is to support the College's mission by providing services and programs, encouraging student learning in and out of the classroom, and developing a diverse community that is educationally decisive, open, disciplined, caring and celebrative.


The Office of Counseling Services offers individual counseling with a focus on helping students eliminate barriers to academic success. Students seeking personal counseling must be currently attending class at the time counseling is sought. Students requiring or requesting long-term or intensive therapy will be referred to off-campus providers and support groups as appropriate.

The Office of Counseling Services provides a comprehensive program of services designed to:

  1. Provide personal counseling to students who are experiencing personal problems which may be interfering with their adjustment to college.
  2. Disability Services coordinates and provides a variety of services for students with physical and learning disabilities. Our aim is to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to all programs offered at College of Coastal Georgia.


Information shared with a counselor will be kept confidential. Information or records will not be shared with anyone without written permission from the student except for under the circumstances identified below. Limits to confidentiality include:

  • The student is under the age of 18
  • The student threatens harm to themselves or someone else
  • There is knowledge of sexual or physical abuse to a child
  • There is a court order mandating the release of the records
  • The student has signed a written release to share information

Contact Information

To make an appointment please send your request to

Office of Counseling Services Staff

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