Frequently Asked Questions

When and how should I apply?
Demand for campus housing is high and we expect to fill all of our space in both Lakeside Village and Mariner Village next year. Housing assignments are based on date of completed application, so we encourage you to apply as soon as possible.
Once you are admitted to College of Coastal Georgia, you may apply online. There is a $50 application fee and a $200 housing prepayment.

What if I don’t get along with my suitemate(s)?
There is always an adjustment to living with new people. It is important to have open and honest communication with your suitemates/roommates. The Resident Assistants are trained to assist with conflict mediation between suitemates/roommates. In addition, after check-in, the RA will provide a suitemate/roommate agreement. This agreement will help identify living standards. The residents will fill out this agreement and return it to the RA.

What is the first-year live-on requirement policy for incoming freshmen?
If you are an incoming first-time freshmen, you are required to live on campus for your first year. The First Year Live-On Requirement policy is located here.

Can current College of Coastal Georgia students apply for live in campus housing?
Yes, current College of Coastal Georgia students may apply, but there are a limited number of spaces available. Apply early because once the space is filled, you will be placed on a waiting list.

How are assignments made?

Assignments are first made by the date the application is completed. For new students, considerations are made on the student's room style preferences and if a roommate request was submitted. If a roommate request was not submitted, assignments are also made through an online matching process that uses that data submitted on the application under lifestyle choices. For returning housing students, housing assignments are made through a Room Selection process. If a returning housing student does not participate in Room Selection, they will be placed into a space based on availability.

When will I find out my assignment?
Final assignment information will be sent to the student that will include suite/apartment and suitemate/roommate information 1-2 months before the semester begins.

How do I add or change requests on a contract?
To add or change preferences on your application, log back into the housing application
or click “Apply For Housing” in the left hand menu.

How do I request a suitemate/roommate?
During the application process, you can request or search for a suitemate/roommate. Suitemate/roommate requests must be mutual and are not guaranteed.

How do I request ADA accommodations for on-campus housing?

ADA accommodations are available to students who choose to self-identify and provide appropriate documentation of their disability. Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodations in the residence hall should submit a Voluntary Disclosure of Disability Form which can be accessed on the Office of Disability Services website here.

Documentation of the disability also needs to be submitted to the Office of Disability Services. For guidelines on the process of submitting this documentation, see pages 4-5 of the Disability Handbook, which can be accessed by clicking here.

Please submit your completed housing application and request for accommodations as early as possible. The Office of Disability Services staff will review your request and you will be contacted to discuss your requested housing accommodation. All housing accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jennifer Zak at the Office of Disability Services by phone at 912.279.5806 or by email at

May I stay in housing over the breaks?
Students may stay in the hall during the fall break, Thanksgiving holiday and spring break. There is a separate online housing application that must be submitted for winter break housing. If you are not remaining in campus housing over winter break, students do not need to move all of their belongings out of their suite. Students who want to stay in a residence hall during the summer will need to submit a summer contract.

How do I cancel my contract?
In order to avoid any rent charges or associated cancellation fees, please see the terms and conditions of your contract to determine cancellation deadlines. A registered student who fails to cancel his or her contract prior to the first day of the contract period and is either (a) not living in the residence hall or (b) moves out of the residence hall at any time during the contract period, will be held financially responsible for rental charges for the duration of the contract period.

A resident's request for release will be considered and approved only for the following six (6) reasons: (a) official withdrawal; (b) marriage; (c) non-registration for classes; (d) graduation; (e) participation in non-local College programs; or (f) call to active duty military service. You can petition for contract release or click “Forms” on the left hand navigation menu.

Rental Rates, Billing, and Payments
What are the current rental rates and due dates?
Rental rates vary depending upon the type of accommodation. The proposed rental rates and due dates may be found here.

What is the housing confirmation prepayment?
The housing confirmation prepayment is a portion of the semester rent and confirms a student's intent to live in campus housing. You can pay for your $200 confirmation during the online housing application process via credit card.
The confirmation rent payment is refundable only for cancellations received by the date specified in the terms and conditions of your contract.

How can I pay my $50 application fee and $200 confirmation prepayment?
You can pay for your $50 application fee and $200 confirmation during the online housing application process via credit card.

Can financial aid be used to cover housing?
Rent charges will be placed on your student's account at the beginning of each semester before financial aid is distributed. If your student is expecting financial aid to pay housing rent, your student is not required to make a payment before distribution occurs. The amount of rent paid varies depending on the amount of aid received. It is your student's responsibility to verify the student account balance after financial aid is distributed to determine if any additional payment is due. Please note that you will need to pay the $50 application fee and $200 housing confirmation prepayment before financial aid disburses.

What if my rent is late?
Significant late rent may prevent registration and transcript processing, and you will face possible eviction if not paid.

Moving In and Out
When can I check in?
The residence hall check-in day and time information may be found here. The first day of the contract period is the published opening day of the residence halls. Typically, the residence halls open a few days prior to the first day of class. Students must check into their room by 5 p.m. on the first day of classes, or their room will be released to another student.

Where do I check in?
You may go directly to the residence hall lobby to check-in. At that time you will complete all check-in paperwork and then gain access to the building and your suite/apartment. In addition, you will be issued keys to your room. There will be designated unloading areas. Once you have unloaded your belongings, you will need to move your vehicle to one of the designated parking lots.

Where do I park during check in?
There will be signs at the residence hall indicating loading and unloading zones. Once you have unloaded, you will need to move your vehicle to the designated parking lot.

When does the residence hall close?
For closing days and times, please click here. Students may stay in the hall during the fall break, Thanksgiving holiday and spring break. There is a separate online housing application that must be submitted for winter break housing. If you are not remaining in campus housing over winter break, students do not need to move all of their belongings out of their suite.

Should my I purchase renter's insurance?
Although precautions are taken to maintain security on the College campus, the College will not assume any responsibility or legal obligation to pay for any student's personal property that is lost, stolen, or damaged from any cause, nor will the College assume any responsibility or legal obligation to pay for any injury or damages, personal or property, while the student is a resident at the institution. While not required, you are strongly encouraged to consider acquiring some form of personal insurance (e.g., renter's insurance) if your family's homeowner's policy does not cover property while it is located at the College.

Housing Facilities, Amenities, and Maintenance
What is included in my room?
Please click here to see what is included in Mariner Village and Lakeside Village.

What is included in the rental rates?
In your rental rates, all utilities are included. These utilities include water, electric, high-speed Internet, basic cable, and local telephone service in the hallways. The suite and room are fully furnished as well.

Can I bring a refrigerator or microwave?
For Lakeside Village and Mariner Village, each suite has a designated outlet for a mini-fridge and microwave.

What else can I bring/not bring?
Please clickhere for a“What to Bring” list.

Can I remove the furniture in my room?
You may not remove furniture from your room/suite/apartment. Due to fire and safety regulations you must use the furniture provided. Residents are responsible for the contents of their room/suite/apartment and will be charged for the replacement cost of any missing furniture.

Where do I receive my mail? What is my mailing address for letter and packages?

When you check into your residence hall room you will be assigned a post office mailbox. Post office boxes are located in the lobbies of the residence halls. Packages can be picked up at the Information Desk.

For Lakeside Village your address is:
Student Name
100 Mariner Way #(student’s box number)
Brunswick, GA 31520

For Mariner Village/Coastal Place Apartments your address is:
Student Name
80 Mariner Way #(student’s box number)
Brunswick, GA 31520

Is there a laundry facility?
Yes, the residence halls have laundry facilities for your use. For Lakeside Village and Mariner Village, you will use your Mariners Access Card to pay for machine usage.

How does the telephone service work?
The hallways in Lakeside Village include a telephone with local telephone service. The lobby of Coastal Place Apartments has local telephone service.

Is alcohol and drug use permitted in the residence hall?
No students are permitted to possess or consume alcohol, or possess alcohol beverage containers. The possession, use, sale, manufacture/cultivation or provision of any type of illegal drug, possession of paraphernalia, or aiding in the use of such are not permitted in the residence halls.

Who cleans the rooms/suites/apartments?
Students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms/suites/apartments as well as the bathrooms. Students are expected to work out an equitable cleaning schedule with fellow suitemates/roommates. Custodial staff clean the corridors, stairwells, lounges, lobbies and laundry rooms on a daily basis.

What are the policies for the residence halls?
The safety and security of the residence hall are very important to us. The Code of Conduct and Residence Hall Handbook are located here.

Meal Plans
If I live in campus housing, am I required to have a meal plan?
All residents are required to participate in the meal plan. Lakeside Village and Mariner Village residents participate in the residential meal plan. Information regarding the meal plan may be obtained by clicking here.

Hall Staff
Who are the residence hall staff members?
Lakeside Village and Mariner Village have a full-time live-in Residence Hall Director (RHD). The RHD is responsible for the overall management and daily operations of the residence halls. The RHD directly supervises the 9 College of Coastal Georgia student Resident Assistants in Lakeside Village, 6 Resident Assistants in Mariner Village and 2 Resident Assistants in Coastal Place Apartments.
The Resident Assistant (RA) is a student leader who lives in the residence hall and oversees an area in the building. This College of Coastal Georgia student will be a resource for academic and institutional questions, building community, and enforcing residence hall policies.

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