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We understand that the transition to college is a time of change for both the student and family. It is important that you receive support and guidance during this time. These questions and answers help provide information about the Office of Residence Life and Housing and how to help your student adjust to living on campus. We invite you to join us as a partner in your student's social and educational development. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions. We look forward to working with you and your student.

For more information regarding Fall 2020 move-in, please click here.

What are the application and housing charges? When do we pay the housing charges?
Once your student is admitted to College of Coastal Georgia, she/he can apply online here. You can pay for your $50 application fee and $200 confirmation during the online housing application process via credit card.

Can financial aid be used to cover housing?
Rent charges will be placed on your student's account at the beginning of each semester before financial aid is distributed. If your student is expecting financial aid to pay housing rent, your student is not required to make a payment before distribution occurs. The amount of rent paid varies depending on the amount of aid received. It is your student's responsibility to verify the student account balance after financial aid is distributed to determine if any additional payment is due. Please note that you will need to pay the $50 application fee and $200 housing confirmation prepayment before financial aid disburses.

What are the policies of the residence halls?
The safety and security of the residence hall are very important to us. TheResidence Hall Handbook can be foundhere. TheStudent Code of Conduct is availablehere.

Are the residence halls a noisy environment?
We understand that the primary reason students attend College of Coastal Georgia is to succeed in college and ultimately receive a degree. We strive to create a quiet and respectful environment that is conducive to study. During the day, a courtesy hours policy will be in effect so that a respectful amount of noise can be generated. During the evening and night time, a quiet hours policy will be effect. We also encourage residents in her/his suite/apartment to take responsibility to address noise violations.

Should my son/daughter purchase renter's insurance?
Although precautions are taken to maintain security on the College campus, the College will not assume any responsibility or legal obligation to pay for any student's personal property that is lost, stolen, or damaged from any cause, nor will the College assume any responsibility or legal obligation to pay for any injury or damages, personal or property, while the student is a resident at the institution. While not required, you are strongly encouraged to consider acquiring some form of personal insurance (e.g., renter's insurance) if your family's homeowner's policy does not cover property while it is located at the College.

Who cleans the rooms/suites/apartments?
Students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms/suites/apartments as well as the bathrooms. Students are expected to work out an equitable cleaning schedule with fellow suitemates/roommates. Custodial staff clean the corridors, stairwells, lounges, lobbies and laundry rooms on a daily basis.

When will my son/daughter know his/her suite/apartment assignment and suitemate/roommate information?
Your son/daughter will receive suite/apartment assignments 1-2 months before the semester begins. In order for your student to be issued a suite/apartment assignment they must have a complete application, which includes payment of the $50 application fee and the $200 confirmation prepayment.

What if my student and his/her suitemate(s)/roommate(s) don't get along?

There is always an adjustment to living with new people. It is important to emphasis to your student that she/he has open and honest communication with her/his suitemates/roommates. The Resident Assistants are trained to assist with conflict mediation between suitemates/roommates. In addition, after check-in, the RA will provide a suitemate/roommate agreement. This agreement will help identify standards for living in the suite. The residents in the suite/apartment will fill out this agreement and return it to the RA.

What should my son/daughter bring/not bring?

Please clickhere for a“What to Bring” list.

How do I send mail and packages to my student at CCGA?

You may send mail and packages to your student at their post office box located in the residence halls. The address is:

Lakeside Village
Student Name
100 Mariner Way
# (student’s box number)
Brunswick, GA 31520

Mariner Village / Coastal Place Apartments
Student Name
80 Mariner Way
# (student’s box number)
Brunswick, GA 31520

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