Recycling On Campus

Earth The College now has recycling containers throughout the main campus and the Camden Center. Recycling is an important obligation for each of us as students, community leaders and stewards of the environment. We recycle cardboard, paper, glass, plastics and aluminum at numerous collection points. The material is collected at recycling bins that are located in each of the buildings on campus, consolidated into a single dumpster and removed by a single-stream recycling vendor. Metal waste and electronic equipment such as obsolete or non-functioning computers, keyboards, monitors, projectors, etc. are accumulated and stored by the Plant Operations Department, for periodic disposal, as recycled material. The metal is sold at a local facility for the "going rate" of scrap; glass is transported to the local Target Store for recycling; and electronic-type equipment is removed from the campus by the GA Electronics Disposal Vendor, under contract with the Georgia Department of Administrative Services (DOAS), for appropriate recycling. College of Coastal Georgia fleet vehicles are serviced in the local community with the tires and oil being recycled by the service provider. Please make it a point to recycle at these multiple locations on the Brunswick Campus and Camden campuses.

Recycling at Brunswick Campus

  • Academic Building- Downstairs Hallway
  • Administration Building-South Hallway
  • Allied Health-First Floor Lobby East End
  • Andrews Building-Courtyard
  • Coffin Building-First Floor adjacent to elevator
  • Conference Center-Back Hallway
  • Health & Science Building – One recycling container on each floor
  • Library- Main Front Area
  • SAC Building- Activity Room
  • Science Building-Main Lobby South End

Recycling at Camden Center

  • Camden Center Facility
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