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Have 3 or more finals scheduled in the same day?

Students with three or more final exams scheduled in the same day may request (an) alternative testing time(s) according to the below procedure so that they have no more than two final exams in one day:

  1. From the list of courses with the final exam on the same day, the student should determine the lowest numbered course (e.g., if the exams are for MATH 1111 and HIST 2111, then MATH 1111 is the lowest number) to ask that the final exam be rescheduled.
  2. As soon as possible but at least 14 days prior to the beginning of the final exam period, the student should email their instructor with the following information:
    • Course for which the student is requesting a rescheduled final exam
    • All scheduled final exams they are taking
  3. The instructor will reschedule the student’s final exam during another final exam period for which the instructor is proctoring an exam as long as the student has no more than one final exam scheduled for that same day. If no such period exists, a special final exam time may be scheduled through the Testing Center with no additional cost to the student.
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